Adrian Dima, Co-CEO and Product Lead at KFactory

The Idyllic CEE Startup Ecosystem


  • SMOK Venures’ Borys Musielak’s posts – one AI-generated and one handwritten – have caused a discussion about certain practices in the CEE startup ecosystem.
  • Naturally, both VCs and founders may have unpleasant experiences from time to time and are encouraged to share them.
  • All the parties involved need to remember that they are parts of the same growing ecosystem and share the common goal of facilitating its progress and that the customers  are important for startups.

KFactory’s co-founder and product lead Adrian Dima thinks that such behavior is due to the false impression that the investors are the most important for startups, more important than customers. The entrepreneur reminds that the customers are the only thing that really matters for a startup. ‘If you’re having customers, the right business model, and the right team – funding will follow and you can choose the right investor,’ Mr Dima assures. 

Read more: https://itkey.media/the-idyllic-cee-startup-ecosystem/  

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