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KFactory is an innovative software platform based on IIoT and Machine Learning to support manufacturing companies to increase productivity, using same resources or less by boosting performance and reducing downtime.

We're enabling remote production monitoring and implementation of prevention and security measures into factories, as required by actual situation.

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Solution dedicated to manufacturing companies

Our platform monitors and learns how the industrial equipment, operators, orders and support teams behave in the production flow. We monitor how teams interact with each other and what impact they have on the performance of the production process. In this way we help our customers to understand the reasons of production stops and how they can increase productivity by reducing downtime.

KFactory includes a real time interaction with decision makers module through which all events that have an impact on performance are notified to them.

After data retrieval and processing, KFactory provides reports and analysis in various formats, assisting decision makers in the decision-making process based on increasing the performance of equipment and human resources.



KFactory functionalities translated into direct advantages for our customers

Increased performance

The most important advantage is the increase of the performance in a short time after implementation. OEE / TRS can raise in some cases by up to 25%, for different types of industrial equipment.

Production monitoring

Regardless of industrial equipment type (CNC, stamping machine, printing machine, bending machine welding machine, robot, etc), new or older models, we can track production in real time on multiple channels.

Real time notifications

Upon the occurrence of an unforeseen event, KFactory notifies imediatelly the operational teams and decision makers.  There is no need for the operator to leave its workplace, so he will remain safe in same location..

Remote interactions

In the context in which social distance has become a necessity, KFactory provides a series of functionalities that allow remote interaction between team members.

Contextual analysis

Data retrieval technologies are useful, but the difference is made by industry knowledge. KFactory includes in its core product years of experience in the manufacturing industry of our team.

Email reports and analysis

Decision makers do not always have the time to access IT solutions, learn new interfaces or generate complicated reports. But everyone is using email, so the KFactory platform regularly sends out syntheses and analysis via email.

Want to know more ?

Why KFactory ?

No matter of industrial sector (automotive, plastic, pharma, automotive, printing and others), the need for digitalization is present. Kfactory is adding a lot of value for its customers, with no initial investment, deployable in short time, with fast ROI.

KFactory deployment helps at quick understanding of all factors which negatively influences performance. By controlling and optimizing those factors, productivity will increase.
A common problem in any factory is the visibility of the production process, especially if there are 2 or 3 shifts. KFactory is resolving this issue by transmitting informations about production in real time on multiple channels, those being available to all roles involved into process.
KFactory can be integrated with existing solutions from manufacturer IT landscape. We can integrate with ERPs or operational solutions, like asset management
The business model is simple and involves a monthly subscription (SaaS - Software as a Service) No licenses, services or hidden costs. OPEX model allows maximum flexibility on long term for our customers.
Once all preconditions necessary for starting the service are fulfilled, we can launch the service in several days.
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Our customers knows better

GIC Nosag Metal

For a large company like ours where the speed of a decision is critical, the time for extracting data from production is a challange which often cames late.
In operatioanal area this means excessive raw material consumption, more workforce, more production capacity. The solution developed by KFactory team to collect data using tablets in factory and Advantech modules is reducing the data extraction time and accelerate the decision speed/ The data collected allows us to idenity the stop reasons and react in short and medium time.
As result, we've managed to increase the performance, to optimize the production process and educate our employees to use digital means in their work.

Bogdan Ungureanu CEO, GIC Nosag Metal
Componente Auto Topoloveni

KFactory team understood our needs and supports us into digitalization of production process, having as effect the increase of production line performance, but also the real time visibility of negative events which affects productivity.
Based on the data provided by KFactory we are able to make daily analysis and take decisions which helps us to optimize production performance.
I recommend KFactory platform to any production company which want to immediately increase of performance and optimize operational processes.

Radu Caraivan CEO, Componente Auto Topoloveni

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