Reimagine manufacturing operations through process automation
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Your AI pair engineer arrived
Allow him to handle the less important tasks while you concentrate on the more important aspects of your job
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Why become a KFactory Partner?
We believe that collaborative partnerships are key to digital transformation, driving results and innovation. Our partners value how we are able to turn the production data of their clients into prompt improvements and how quickly everything can be set up.
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Improve operational efficiency, reduce supply chain disruption, and deliver resilient operations

We assist manufacturing companies in optimizing operational efficiency, increasing productivity, forecasting fulfilment needs, and reducing risk.

Delivering complete visibility into industrial processes

According to a Microsoft study, 86% of manufacturing companies consider OEE to be the most important KPI for measuring a Smart Factory’s success

Know your chances of meeting your goal before the deadline.

50% of companies that embrace AI over the next five to seven years have the potential to double their cash flow

Control your factory using Microsoft Teams. Discover how operations can be managed from the tip of your finger.

Start focusing on larger issues. Spend less time in meetings and running reports on legacy systems and more time doing what really matters: adding value to your organization.

Join the KFactory Partner Program

We believe that collaborative partnerships are critical to driving digital transformation and innovation in the manufacturing industry
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