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We left aside all our previous successes, we brought together all our professional experience, plans and resources to build a new beginning. We integrated our ambition (passion) for change (disruption), our expertise in manufacturing and our digital inventiveness, to produce comprehensive and coherent solutions.
We know about ourselves - and we have proven it at every stage of development - that we are ambitious, we have integrity and have the courage to produce new and revolutionary solutions to ourselves and our customers, to bring the future and innovation where the change and progress are most needed.
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Our start-up has shown resilience in all important moments, going through challenges, and pursuing its goals without compromise, always looking to innovate a conservative industry. Throughout our growth, we have asserted our leadership vocation, to connect the dots between data and processes, adding value for its customers.

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We reinvent ourselves every day because our aim is to connect people with technology so that the companies they work in become efficient and sustainable. Our mission is to fully develop and commercialize a competitive portfolio of Industry 4.0 digital solutions for different purposes such as overall equipment efficiency, IT&OT integration, fulfilling the Manufacturing companies’ standards and regulation. We want to inspire teams to unlock their true potential, through transparency and understanding data and processes.

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Our vision is to become a globally recognized brand for deep tech Industry 4.0 solutions for advanced manufacturing, as well as the catalysts of irreversible digital transformation of operational processes. We want to make a big difference in society by working with the right people to solve the problem of climate change.

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Vlad Cazan, cofounder of KFactory


Co-founder & Sale Lead
Adrian Dima

Adrian DIMA

Co-founder & Product Lead

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Dragoș METEA

Valentin FIilip - Fortech Investments

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Industries all around the globe are turning greener and adopting more sustainable solutions as part of the fight against climate change. All of this is a result of the desire to make societies that are more sustainable and produce less CO2 as well as the global green transition, which is an international effort to reach net zero. Our solutions are intended to be one of the main participants in this movement. KFactory is well-positioned to assist manufacturing organizations in the shift to more sustainable practices and lessen their environmental effect thanks to our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

Our KFactory Team is growing fast.

We need ambitious people who will grow with us. People curious enough to innovate better ways of doing things. People adaptable to change yet dynamic enough to lead that change.

If you want to take the opportunity to be part of this great team, please share your resume at office@kfactory.eu.


Vlad Cazan, cofounder of KFactory

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Vlad Cazan, cofounder KFactory

Ziarul Financiar highlights on how Teconnex has been revolutionized through the smart technologies of KFactory®, with support from Orange Business

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