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Curious how an AI-powered colleague can learn everything about your factory, understand your needs and help you with your tasks?

In today’s digital era, manufacturing faces a critical shortage of skilled labor. Success hinges on not just understanding shop floor operations but also mastering the latest digital tools.

Our Virtual Engineer Team brings deep insights into your factory’s processes, integrating seamlessly with IT systems, IoT devices and unstructured documents like emails, pdf or Excel files to monitor operations, identify risks, and deliver essential data in real time.

We leverage a powerful blend of technology including advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) for analysis and conversation, agents, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) systems, and tailor-made AI tools, all underpinned by our core asset: extensive industry knowledge.

This suite of solutions empowers your engineers to concentrate on their essential work, making informed decisions with the support of precise data and contextual understanding.

Virtual Engineers - Production

The Production Virtual Engineer

The Production Virtual Engineer acts as an indispensable co-worker for any production team, and is available 24/7. It proactively alerts its human counterparts to any process that demands immediate attention, ensuring no critical issue goes unnoticed.

Can read data from production line, understand constrains, oversee potential issues.

Beyond monitoring, this digital engineer proposes improvement strategies, enhancing efficiency and productivity. It also automates the compilation and distribution of detailed reports, seamlessly delivering them to the team, keep them informed and empowered to make data-driven decisions.


The Maintenance Virtual Engineer is an essential part of any maintenance team, designed to anticipate equipment needs and streamline operations. It utilizes predictive analytics to forecast potential defects and issues timely alerts for upcoming maintenance activities, ensuring optimal equipment uptime.

Acting on requests from its human team, it efficiently manages tools and spare parts from inventory, reducing manual effort and speeding up response times. With the ability to read extensive machine documentation, it answers inquiries promptly and suggests effective solutions for technical challenges, providing immediate access to a comprehensive maintenance knowledge base.

By automating inventory checks, logging consumption, reserving necessary parts, and maintaining detailed logs, the Maintenance Virtual Engineer significantly saves time, allowing the factory staff to focus on critical tasks with the assurance that maintenance operations are optimized and well-coordinated.

Virtual Engineers - Maintenance
Virtual Engineers - Supply Chain


The Supply Chain Virtual Engineer is the anchor of efficient factory production, serving as the digital backbone for managing the internal supply chain. Integrated seamlessly with IT systems, it maintains real-time visibility of raw materials, ongoing activities, and upcoming tasks, ensuring that all team members have access to critical information when they need it.

This virtual engineer goes beyond tracking; it facilitates smooth communication between procurement, warehouse, and production teams, making it an essential tool for synchronizing supply chain operations and enhancing overall productivity.

By automating routine supply chain tasks and providing strategic insights, the Supply Chain Virtual Engineer empowers teams to make informed decisions, reduce lead times, and maintain a steady flow of materials, all contributing to a more resilient and efficient production process.


The Quality Virtual Engineer stands as a crucial enhancement to any factory’s quality assurance team. This virtual engineer ensures the integrity of the finished product by meticulously tracking production orders and assisting in quality testing processes. It promptly identifies and alerts the team to any deviations from established standards, enabling swift corrective action.

Beyond monitoring, this virtual engineer streamlines administrative tasks by handling paperwork and generating comprehensive quality reports. This automation allows quality personnel to focus on strategic improvements, significantly boosting productivity and minimizing defects.

Incorporating advanced analytics, the Quality Virtual Engineer offers insights into trends and potential areas of improvement, facilitating a proactive approach to quality management. It is an indispensable tool for maintaining the highest standards of product quality, ensuring that each item meets the rigorous demands of the market.

Virtual Engineers - Quality
Virtual Engineers - Green


In the face of global commitments to combat climate change, with major economies pledging significant reductions in carbon emissions by 2050, and the European Union’s ambitious ‘Fit for 55’ program targeting a 55% reduction by 2030, the role of sustainable manufacturing practices has never been more critical.

Enter the Sustainability Virtual Engineer: a digital cornerstone in the drive for greener manufacturing. This innovative tool actively monitors sources of carbon emissions within factories, providing manufacturers with the insights and recommendations needed to lower their carbon footprint and align with stringent environmental regulations.

Beyond mere monitoring, the Sustainability Virtual Engineer leverages advanced analytics to identify opportunities for energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable resource management. It guides manufacturing companies in implementing effective strategies to not only meet but exceed regulatory requirements, paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible industry.

By assisting in the transition to greener operations, the Sustainability Virtual Engineer enables manufacturers to contribute to global environmental goals, enhance their sustainability credentials, and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

Virtual Engineers - Simulation


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