The Team of Virtual Engineers

Your AI pair engineer has arrived


Any production team’s best partner is the Production Engineer. It is available around the clock and notifies its real-world colleagues when a process requires attention.

The Production Engineer proposes and monitors improvement plans, compiles reports, and sends them via email.


The Maintenance Engineer collaborates with the maintenance teams.

It predicts when defects will occur, sends alerts when maintenance activity deadlines are approaching, and requests tools or spare materials from the warehouse upon request from its human associates.

It saves time for its factory colleagues by registering material consumption or reserve parts.

It gives you real-time access to the maintenance knowledge base as well as information on how to solve a problem in the field.

Supply Chain

The internal supply chain is the backbone of any factory’s production. By integrating with dedicated IT solutions, our Supply Chain Virtual Engineer knows where raw materials are at any given time, what activities are in progress, and what’s coming up, providing valuable information to all team members.


The finished product quality is critical in any factory. The Quality Virtual Engineer is a natural extension of any factory’s quality team.

It follows production orders, aids in testing, and alerts when deviations occur.

Performs paperwork and compiles quality reports to assist quality personnel in being more productive and reducing defects.


Major economies have committed to reducing carbon emissions, which scientists believe the world must achieve by 2050 in order to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The European Union approved “Fit for 55,” a program package that proposes a set of actions aimed at reducing carbon footprint by 55% by 2030.

The Green Virtual Engineer monitors carbon footprint sources directly from factories, assisting manufacturing companies in reducing emissions and complying with new regulations.


Meet the Virtual Engineer

“You have a delay in executing today’s production plan. You have an unplanned machine shutdown for maintenance reasons. Productivity is below the average of the last 30 days. How is my production line performing now? What can I do to

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