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Delivering complete visibility into industrial processes

KFactory Analytics is being used by our customers to gain complete visibility on operational processes, from production to maintenance, supply chain, and quality.

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Our clients are using KFactory Analytics to achieve comprehensive insight across all aspects of their operations, including production, maintenance, supply chain, and quality.
They enhance the expertise of their staff and provide an experience that can be trusted.

Traditional information technology systems are only able to react to ‘what’ occurs. You won’t simply be able to reply to “what” happens when you have KFactory Analytics; you’ll also be able to respond to “why” anything happens.
Find out what the underlying issues are that are causing problems before they result in losses.

Determine the actual capacities of the machines, then establish the production goals that are most appropriate.
One click is all that is required to perform an analysis of industrial machines, orders, personnel, and support teams.
KFactory Analytics is a tool that assists managers in making decisions based on data and delivering faster valuable results.

Platform simulation
Platform simulation

KFactory Analytics does not rely on any of the other KFactory platform product in order to deliver outputs.
Multiple sources of data make it possible to use the data and create correlations, and our software is interoperable with any information technology system that the customer may have in their environment.

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Increased organizational efficiency

Increased competitive advantage

Faster analysis, intuitive dashboards

Improved customer experience


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