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Accelerate digital transformation of your factory

To support the seamless integration of your operational and financial systems, we offer robust connectors for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Business Central, as well as Microsoft Excel.

These connectors are designed to bridge the gap between your manufacturing processes and financial management, providing real-time access to critical data. By integrating with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Business Central, you can streamline your business operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting.

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with KFactory Core

Before getting into details, you should know KFactory Core is based on a subscription model. It means you don’t need to invest in servers and licenses, so your initial investment is small. Then, from the first month of running, you start to optimize your process, so you win more then you pay for subscription. A lot more.

You should not tackle inefficiency alone.

Capability to adapt and roll out quickly

We can connect all kinds of industrial equipment, whether it's old or new, of different types, made by different companies.

We read digital or analog inputs, Modbus, legacy files, OPC servers, or other types of connectivity.

We read machine states and how much energy they use.

The deployment process is meant to be quick and easy.

360º view of the most important process: production

Real time OEE

Over 100 existing statuses and with the possibility to add more

Countless number of process states

An infinite number of collected parameters

Dozens of KPIs used in manufacturing

Workforce that's responsible

Level 1 maintenance

Periodic quality checks

Step by step instructions for operators

Simple interface for operators with no digital experience

Managers in control 24/7

Manage targets and make data-driven decisions

Communicate actions, prioritize and empower your team

Modern instruments to visualize the process in real time

Control the process and its outputs in real time.


Get smart alerts on critical issues in real time

Multiple channels, including email, SMS, Microsoft Teams

Smart Andon with no limits in configuration

Smart reporting: the right info, in the right form, to the right owners
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fastest deployment on market
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