How to improve manufacturing efficiency

Manufacturing managers using OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) have quickly become convinced that this system has a significant impact on their production performance. OEE is not only a metric, but it also provides a framework to improve the production process. How it does it? A model for OEE calculation aims to point out each aspect of the process that can be improved.

Losses impacts effectiveness

One thing that managers are discovering is losses. These are activities that absorb resources without creating value. Losses can be divided by their frequency of occurrence, their cause and by different types they are. In repetitive manufacturing processes, machine malfunctioning or the way they are used during production have direct impact over overall operational effectiveness.

The losses caused by machine malfunctioning and process are divided into down time losses, speed losses and quality losses. Get prepared to face when a malfunction arises or an unplanned maintenance task must be done. Also, check the speed of the equipment in order to detect any malfunctioning or technical imperfections. Not least, monitor if the parts produces by equipments meet the specified quality requirements.

Determine the performance of the equipment

OEE breaks the performance of equipment into three separate and measurable components: Availability, Performance and Quality. Availability shows the percentage of time that equipment is available to run during the total possible Loading Time. Performance is a measure of how well the machine runs within the operating time, while quality is the percentage of produced parts that meet required specifications. All three results give the managers a real-time image of the equipment effectiveness.

Trigger for decisions

The value of the OEE is an indication of the size of the technical losses. Based on these valuable information, managers will backtrack to determine what kind of loss reduces effectiveness. Also they will identify not only the slowest machine, but as the machine both slower and less effective. This is the point where managers intervene and take proper decisions to adjust the production parameters.

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