ROI – friend or foe for Industry 4.0 investments?

Your organization is ready to make a big step in digital transformation, but there are many question marks rised by the members of the management board. Beside those regarding the impact over the overall performance of the company, there is an essential one: what is the return of investment? Fear not, there are tools that help you to quantify it!

Of course, the concern is legitimate and could be a show stopper for the organizations heavily affected by the pandemic crisis. But when you rely on the support of a team of specialists, the results will exceed expectations both on operational and financial side.

What elements should you take into consideration?

One important step is understanding the foundations upon which these calculations are made. The implementation of a Industry 4.0 solution has a very clear setup. The starting point is the number of equipments that will provide production data, the hourly operating cost and the number of shifts per day. On top of these information you should add the cost of data collection using the existing methods.

Qualitative elements

Growth estimation of productivity and of the quality of products are aslo elements to take into consideration. Optimization systems enable your organization to boost productivity by optimizing work resources, prevent issues, speeding up production processes and much more. Also, by predicting events, these tools allow you to prepare in advance and to focus on business growth and new challenges.

For a more accurate calculation, rely on the experience of KFactory specialists. The extensive experience gained in implementing Industry 4.0 solutions has helped them to develop an online tool in collaboration with Dendrio and Procredit Bank. Access it and you will get a detailed calculation of how much money you can save by digitizing. Moreover, you will be one step away from accessing a digital investment loan! Thus, you will discover that ROI is a friend and supporter of the future development of your business.

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