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Questions customers should ask more often

How to decrease the risk of a bad purchase by Adrian Dima I’ve been constantly involved over the years in selling IT products and services, having on the other side various roles on behalf of potential customers, from top managers … Read More

Adrian Dima, cofounder of KFactory

Adrian Dima

Who I am and who I write for My name is Adrian Dima, and since 2018, I have been a co-founder at KFactory, the first Industry 4.0 start-up funded in Romania, which soon became a well-known brand in the Romanian … Read More

Adrian Dima, cofounder KFactory

The Idyllic CEE Startup Ecosystem

 “The investors are not more important for startups than the customers”   SMOK Venures’ Borys Musielak’s posts – one AI-generated and one handwritten – have caused a discussion about certain practices in the CEE startup ecosystem. Naturally, both VCs and … Read More

Background news

Interviu Adrian Dima, cofondator KFactory, în Easy Engineering Magazine

Platforma KFactory cuprinde o gama de servicii software care pot fi folosite de companiile de producție în diverse arii funcționale.
Compania este primul start-up Industry 4.0 finanțat în România și singurul finanțat deja cu o a doua rundă, ca o confirmare a rezultatelor obținute pe parcurs. … Read More