How is KFactory Core different?

In recent years, there is an increasingly obvious difference between the vision of classic IT products and those that incorporate new technologies and implicitly innovation.

Somehow it’s normal: until recently, technologies allowed data collection, storage and presentation in a way that was accessible (or not) to the end customer. Basically, the computer was a digital assistant of someone who in the end had to understand all the data and make decisions, if his time and competence helped him.

Recently, through the evolution of computing power, interconnectivity, and the democratization of access to once inaccessible algorithms, IT products have access to a higher level of intelligence: they can understand collected data, present context analysis, understand trends and habits, and many others. In other words, the computer is no longer just an assistant, but a colleague of the decision-maker, providing qualified support.

Classic solutions versus KFactory Core

The difference described above also exists in the landscape of IT products offered to production companies. For example, classic manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions are helpful for factory operational staff: they provide data from various functional areas, but are limited to understanding what happened, and the correlation of data with context must be done by  those operating the solution.

In contrast to traditional IT products, KFactory Core is at a different level of intelligence and puts new technologies at the service of those production companies that want to understand in a short time the main problems that prevent the increase of productivity.

It is easy to implement (in days or weeks), focuses on events that affect productivity, is easy to adopt by all professional roles, from operators to top managers and SaaS (software as a service) packaging reduces to zero the probability that the investment in the solution will not be recovered.

KFactory Core answers the question WHY an event occurred in production: if you understand the causes, you can prevent the effect.

Up to 25% increase with KFactory Core

The results proved us right: our customers have seen a 25% increase in performance on the production line within months of adopting KFactory Core.

If you are interested in understanding how you can produce more, schedule a demo at https://kfactory.eu/core/

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