Our team of virtual engineers is unique. They know everything about a factory’s operational processes and they help boosting digital systems’ adoption, without the pains and complexity of integration projects.

The Virtual Team is a natural extension of any operational team in a factory

Any factory can become a smart factory by retrofitting the operational processes using technologyThe virtual engineers are using data collected from internal IT systems with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and deliver it to operational teams in natural language using Microsoft Teams. Our team of virtual engineers has access to all operational systems in real time, understands contexts and is actively a part of production, maintenance, quality, internal supply chain and commercial processes.  

Virtual engineers know everything about your operational data

The team collects data from all available data sourcesindustrial equipmentdedicated systems or solutions, ERP, asset management, warehouse, quality or even unstructured files.  

There is no need to change the current IT landscape, buy other IT solutions or force your own personnel to get used with new software. 

And when you are adding new digital solutions or systems to your infrastructure, the engineers will just connect to this new source and deliver pure knowledge. 

They can predict outputs

The engineers recognize tendencies and long-time patterns, notifying process owners when the production is at risk. They can predict performance and send alerts to the process owners. 

They understand when actions are needed. For example, when maintenance jobs are required, they call the maintenance team.  

The Team of Virtual Engineers is a proactive team

Virtual engineers will learn your internal processes and follow them. In time, they become better and better. And the most important thingthey are available 24/7 

You can speak to them in natural language, using more than 40 different languages. 

The team of Virtual Engineers lead to massive advantages for any company


Optimization of factory running costs


Increase in accuracy of operational decisions


Decrease of cost integration projects


Extra time for operational managers allocated for core activities


More time for engineering teams for core activities


More time for the data collection teams for other core activities

Virtual Engineers

How about a colleague that helps you in everyday activities?

Everybody knows that an engineer’s place is in the factory. To help engineers to focus on their job, we have created for you a special team – the Team of Virtual Engineers.

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