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Smart factory that uses a combination of software and human workers to increase efficiency.

Maximize productivity

Maximized productivity increases income and allows the firm to grow, hire more people, boost compensation, or buy new equipment.
Costs are higher than they could or should be due to inefficient processes and low productivity.
This cost may be absorbed by your organisation (harmed profits), passed on to your customers (harmed sales and profitability), or countered by using less expensive materials and items of lower quality (which affect sales profits).

Manufacturing productivity is your company’s performance, and it can constantly be enhanced.

You may use KFactory Core to monitor your production process in real time and identify operator or support staff misbehavior.

KFactory Analytics is an excellent tool for understanding production results and making data-driven choices.

KFactory Knowledge goes above and beyond to identify trends and patterns in your operational processes and estimate maintenance needs, reducing maintenance costs and downtimes and increasing machine running time.

Lastly, our Team of Virtual Engineers lets you spend less time running legacy system reports and more time delivering value to your business.

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Reduce material and energy consumption

Producers may decrease waste, speed up production, and increase services while being ecologically friendly.

Utility rates are growing, thus every effort to reduce energy use in a company’s production unit will increase profitability. To compete with the market and your opponents, you may raise output, acquire new equipment, and train a better staff.

The platform provides multiple answers to the issues of resource waste and costly high production cost.

KFactory Core uses sensor data to monitor energy use in real time, KFactory Analytics gives a 360-degree view of consumption patterns, and KFactory Knowledge‘s trend-detection algorithms suggest energy-saving methods.

The Virtual Engineering Team links data sources and provides advise from the start.

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Optimize workforce efficiency

Organizational success depends on how efficient its operations are. Improving your team’s efficiency is especially important when circumstances are tight.

Leaders can’t expect things to go smoothly by telling their teams to “work harder” when even the most integrated teams have members with different personalities and work styles. In the long run, it’s systems and plans ensure smooth operations.

When workers lack confidence in their leadership, they are less interested in their task, which slows the organization as a whole. Giving workers a say in their job has been shown to increase motivation and productivity. In the company, workers would rather have some flexibility in making decisions on their own, rather than constantly seeking superiors’ approval.

Using its technologies, KFactory is maximizing the performance of the workforce.

By monitoring and alerting in the case of problems, KFactory Core is empowering operators to become self-sufficient. KFactory Knowledge is conducting research on employee behavior, identifying patterns of activity, and providing guidance on when to take corrective measures.

The Virtual Engineers Team serves as an extension of the physical factory staff, offering suggestions and advice to the business’s top management.

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Better quality control

The term quality control refers to any measures taken to ensure that the products manufactured in a specific facility are defect-free. Given the high volume of products that leave most modern manufacturing facilities every day, it is critical to maintain high production standards on every machine and throughout every shift. Thousands of units of product could be impacted if standards begin to deteriorate, and the business impact can be significant.

KFactory is a robust platform that improves manufacturing quality process by several by automation data collection and understanding from the operational processes, boosting quality control outcome inside factories. 

Using KFactory, our customers can design and implement an effective manufacturing quality control strategy, define specific test parameters, capture and analyze data to determine the efficiency of the quality process.

KFactory Core can read energy use data in real time through direct connections to sensors and monitor the amount and kind of errors.

KFactory Analytics enables you to create more effective quality assurance techniques by providing insight into fault groups.

The trend-detection features of KFactory Knowledge enable you to determine why a defect keeps recurring.

The Quality Virtual Engineer is simplifying the work of quality assurance personnel by providing real-time data, integrating multiple systems, and flagging problems as they arise.

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Become a sustainable company

From 1750 to 2010, approximately half of all man-made emissions of carbon dioxide—the most abundant greenhouse gas released by human activities and one of the longest-lasting—were generated in the last 40 years alone, owing largely to fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes.

Manufacturers are now facing more rigorous environmental rules, a greater need for safer frontline working conditions, increased noncompliance penalties, and increased pressure from workers, customers, and investors to deliver on sustainability programs. Most, however, lack a digital platform that offers visibility, traceability, and actionable plant-level data and insights to help them collect and analyze their ESG targets.

Our goal is to assist carbon-intensive emitters, such as factories, in actively monitoring emissions, reducing carbon footprints in relation to operational processes (for example, production, maintenance, supply chain, and quality), and educating employees on how carbon emissions affect their lives and ways to reduce emissions.

The Green Virtual Engineer is here to assist companies to be 100% compliant with EU regulations in terms of carbon emissions.

With its machine-learning-based recommendation engine, KFactory Knowledge can assess and anticipate emission profiles for each process, then communicate individualized action plans and recommendations to cut down emissions on the measured carbon output in real time.