What’s the connection between fighting food waste and a team of virtual engineers?

Innovation and sustainability, the topics of discussion of RFI Romania’s Essential.  Also, why and how virtual engineers are fighting food waste.

Guests were:  

▶ Sînziana Perțea, representative of Bonapp.eco, an app that helps reduce food waste  

▶ Vlad Cazan, co-founder of KFactory, a digital platform aimed at increasing the performance and productivity of manufacturing companies  

“Looking at industries that emit greenhouse gases, we see that manufacturing is in the top 3 big polluters. And that raises the question of sustainability, especially as we now have more forces working in this direction. On the one hand, there is the regulatory side, the European Union’s Fit for 55 programme, which is beginning to take the form of clear directives. On the other hand, consumers are increasingly looking at sustainability issues in the products they consume. Virtual engineers are also fighting food waste with their means. And, more recently, employees who will be more careful in choosing the company they work for, opting for truly sustainable companies.” said Vlad Cazan.

Read more: https://www.rfi.ro/esential-149960-combaterea-risipei-alimentare  

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