About Us


KFactory is turning factories into smart factories

KFactory is in the first wave of startups that change the manufacturing industry by reinventing the operational processes using the technology. Since June 2020, we are the first Industry 4.0 digital platform funded in Romania.​


Adrian DIMA



Sales Architect


Technical Lead


Customer Success Engineer

Norbert Miklo

We know manufacturing and IT

That’s why we see not only the directly recorded data, but also the context info and events, gaining deep knowledge on operational processes. 

We translate technology into business

Manufacturers need help to understand digital technologies. We have the expertise to make a smooth transition from the status quo to an advanced digitalized environment.

Our Mission

Democratize the access to internal data by removing the existing knowledge barriers inside a factory. 

Digitalization is a journey

Collect data

There is no digital process without data, so the first step is always the data collection. By automating it, the customer ensures that data suffers no alteration in process.

Take data-driven decisions

Then customers start to make educated decisions based on their own data. Customer personnel becomes more and more used with technology and digital solutions becomes a daily part of their professional life.

Control the processes

The excellence phase is achieved when processes are fully digital, and customers can continuously improve their activity.

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